DIY Dark circles mask

The area of ​​dark circles is often particularly fragile and capricious. Unlike the skin of the face, this place cannot rely on sebaceous glands to be hydrated and this gives us more work during our skincare routine. You definitely can't apply just anything to it, or you will get itchy eyes or make your skin worse. Finding perfect care the first time can also be difficult. That's why we offer two masks for the underside of the eye that you can test according to your needs each week. They have the advantage of being easy to perform and amazingly effective!

To complete and take care of your eye area, do not hesitate to make an anti-pocket and anti-darkening serum that will take great care of it by following this simple recipe

What's needed:

Half a cucumber

30 ml of rose water

A blender

Cotton discs cut into half moons (the ideal size for the underside of the eye)

Steps :

1) Combine the cucumber and rose water in the blender and blend until the mixture is liquid and smooth.

2) Pour into a bowl.

3) Soak your cottons in it, squeeze them to remove the excess and submerge them again. This will allow them to have absorbed the maximum amount of the product.

4) Put the soaked cotton in a freezer bag that will go straight to the freezer.

5) Defrost 10 minutes before use. Apply a half moon under each eye and leave on for 10 to 15 minutes.

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