Tips for making homemade tea blends

Here some useful tips for making homemade tea that I would love to share with you, so lets get started

– Choose your base. Unflavoured leaf teas are easy: green, white and rooibos all work well. Also try hibiscus, chamomile or licorice root, which all have great health benefits and and a sophisticated taste.

– Bring flavor with dried herbs and spices. Try for example vanilla and cinnamon sticks, cardamom, fennel, anise, coriander, lavender, rose petals, dried berries, coconut and/or mint.

– Make sure that you’re using only edible herbs and spices.

– Choose organic teas, spices and herbs if possible. By using organic ingredients you can be sure of having pure and high quality blends.

– Unflavored leaf teas can be found in tea shops and health stores and organic herbs and spices are most often found on farmer’s markets, spice shops and health stores.

_Here you can purchase organic Calendula flowers, chamomile and roses are also available

– Store the tea in an airtight glass jar or in strong paper bags and decorate with homemade labels if you like!

Here some Tea blends

Soothing Mint Tea

Mint is refreshing, but you knew that already. Try mixing it into a soothing floral blend.

Calendula flowers - Chamomile blossoms - Spearmint leaves

Optional additions: White or Green tea - Coriander seeds

A Floral Blend

Sweet, tart, and fun, floral teas are not only fragrant but also beautiful to assemble.

Rose petals -Chamomile blossoms -Lavender buds -Lemon verbena

Optional additions:White or Green tea

Spicy Chai Tea Blend

Adding black pepper will give your tea an extra kick of flavor! This is a great recipe to experiment with. Make a latte by adding steamed milk

and some honey.

Black tea (Assam or Darjeeling)*

Cinnamon - Star anise - Cloves -Dried ginger -Cardamom pods - Pink peppercorns - Black pepper -Fennel seeds (optional)

*Use rooibos tea for a caffeine-free option.

Labeling your tea can turn into arts and crafts. A little twine and wooden labels will go a lot way.

Tea Tips - There are many ways to store your tea blends.

Using a tin box will keep the tea the freshest.

Some tea storage ideas

And If your spices lose their flavor, try grinding them a bit with a mortar and pestle ;)

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